Team NSW (Bodyboard) 2020 - Nomination

1st & 2nd November 2020

As most of you are aware, COVID-19 has greatly affected Surfing NSW and the scheduled events calendar for 2020. This has led to Surfing NSW having to suspend a number of events including the NSW State Bodyboarding Titles. As a result, Surfing NSW along with a number of NSW Bodyboarding Clubs have had to come up with a new pathway structure for the Australian Bodyboard Titles to be held in November 2020.

It was agreed that for this year only the pathway for qualifying team members for the Australian Bodyboard Titles would be as follows:

1. A guaranteed allocation for any NSW Bodyboarder who placed first in the Australian Bodyboard Titles 2019.

2. Remaining spots to be filled by individual surfer nominations. Surfers will be required to complete a nomination form. The nomination form will be assessed by an independent committee that will then decide on team allocations.

*Please note that surfers wishing to nominate must be a member of their local bodyboarding club.

If you wish to nominate yourself please fill out the online form below no later than Friday 31st July 2020. The committee will decide upon allocations after 31st July 2020. Once allocations have been finalised the Surfing NSW Events team will be in touch if you have been successful in qualifying for the Australian Bodyboard Titles team.

Selection Criteria

Team selection will be performance-based, so it is important to include in your nomination form, your results from the 2019 and 2020 season from any or all of the following events: 

  • Bodyboard State Titles 
  • Australian Bodyboard Titles
  • Boxfest 
  • Jeff Wilcox Memorial 
  • Goose Gosby Memorial 
  • Matt Baron Memorial
  • Memorial Triple Crown
  • Local club events

If you have any questions please email Dan Little our club President on [email protected]

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